Santa and His Reindeer

This is the Official Home Page of the Ocampo Deer Farm near Mt. Isarog in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Ocampo, Camarines Sur.

Situated about four kilometers up in Mt. Isarog, this 28-hectare farm is considered as the original reindeer farm of the Philippines. It was stocked entirely with Australian species such as Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Red Deer, and Elk.

Owned by the Camarines Sur government, it was started late in 1996 with only 208 heads of five species from Australia. As of today, the number remains at 220 heads. Its goal was to make the province a supplier of deer meat (venison), which is a delicacy in class restaurants. While the hides can be used as material for bags belts and other goods, and the antlers can be extracted for medicinal value. The area itself is beautiful and located at an elevated portion near the forests of Mt. Isarog that is cool and breezy.

Rusa Deer

Rusa deer are tropical deer that originated from Asia. They are usually considered as medium size deer. Rusa deer are used principally for venison production and also produce velvet antler.

Their coat color varies, from reddish brown to dark brown during the dry season to dull grey brown during the wet season. Their brisket and belly is colored greyish white to beige.

The gestation of a fawn is about 220 days, and most fawns are born in March and April. Like other deer, Rusa grow a new set of antlers each year. Each stag has its own antler cycle, with most antlers being cast from December to January and harden in time for the breeding season from June to October.

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